Writing instruction from Alan

I would advise you not to let this go until the last minute. It’s not a BS assignment by any means. You did a credible job on your mid-term reflection essay, and I expect an even better job on this last paper. You must get me to take what you say very seriously. That starts with taking yourself seriously. “Credibility” begins at home, but it must also reveal itself in the written word.

Your first writing assignment asked for a personal essay where you articulated your relationship with nature (“how you see yourself in relation to nature”). I want you to return to that piece. Print out a clean copy and read it again. Pretend it was written by someone else. Do you find the writer credible? Do you find mistakes in it? Do you find yourself on a soapbox? Do you find yourself “making claims that are so general as to be little of value”? You should highlight such passages. Be a ruthless editor. Write criticisms in the margins. Be accurately mean. Keep all of your criticisms in mind as you write your “integration paper”.

I am asking you to do a serious reflective piece. You should be pleased with the results of your labors. If you are not, you probably haven’t taken yourself seriously, and you run the risk of having that problem emerge in your writing. (That’s bad).